— Become The Person Who Builds The Empire

Transform your life and become the badass MOFO you were always meant to be.

truth be told

You've always known you were meant for more. 

You've always known you weren't made like the rest.

There's always been something special about you. A type of pizzazz, a unique energy, an inner ZEST aching to come out. And for SOME reason- you're letting something stop you..

You’ve got what it takes.

The grit.

The hustle.

The grind.

The work ETHIC.

You have it. You know this. Its in you. Its always been you.


And you rely on THIS to get you where you want to go. You rely on THIS to get you to the next level. You rely on THESE attributes to build your empire. The empire that you dream of where you live life on your terms, get to be creative, expressive, and all of YOU and make that payyppperrrr at the same d*mn time.


This is the dream.

This is the vision.


And you WORK

And you GRIND

And you HUSTLE


And you get SOME results

Then you get SOME sort of traction

You feel it a LITTLE bit


But you can’t hang onto it

You can’t full GRASP the empire in your palm


Its always out of reach- taunting you- teasing you- with its presence- with its seductive essence


And you’re CONFUSED because what the FUCK is all this hard work DOING – if I’m not seeing any of the results, yeah?


Yeah, I know. 

I fuckkkkkking get it. Literally the hardest MF worker in the room- yet, the outside results are not reflecting this BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS that you’re putting into the dream.


And this results in some residual depression, anxiety, dissociating etc. 

Because you start towards the dream- then you stop. And you start, and then you stop again.

And you don't know WHY you can't sustain the momentum-or WHY its not WORKING- because there IS a part of you who just KNOWS you were born to make MILLIONS and live the remote life and work from ANYWHERE in the world doing what you LOVE!

I get it, I was in a DARK place for a LONG time.


Trust me- I’m talking from MAD experience. I’m talkin from full blown medicated weighed 90 pounds as an adult because I couldn’t EAT I was so depressed and anxious level of experience


I’m talkin’ living from survival mode on a fuuuuckin THOUSAND- terrible vibes, tbh


But I LIVED like this for YEARS. Tried therapy- didn’t work. Tried drugs (both legal and illicit for healing purposes) didn’t work. Tried affirmations and meditations and gratitude journals. Didn’t work.


And I almost kind of accepted that I just “had anxiety” and that the people who didn’t- just “didn’t get it” and to be FAIR- there ARE people out there who COMPLETLELY bypass their hard emotions and actually DON’T fckin get it- because instead of letting the grandiosity of their emotions consume them (like the people with anxiety) they squash that shit DEEP down and avoid the hell out of it


But my identity literally became someone who just “had anxiety”- and it was almost like, a safe zone of sorts- because I could use it as an exit strategy, or an excuse as to why something wasn’t happening or working out in my life, or as a means to connect with other people who “had anxiety”- a crutch ~of sorts~


Until one day, I woke the FUCK UP and was like wo0o0o0w I am literally CHOOSING this identity of someone who has anxiety and therefore I am PEREPUTATING my anxiety. Congratulations, Alex, you played yourself *DJ Khalid voice*


It was one of my first initiations into taking ownership over my own victim consciousness. Really, the beginning of my soul work journey. The entrance to my own path of personal development, my own process of self-healing, and towards my highest calling.


And I wasn’t just “cured” of anxiety overnight. Shit, I still experience anxiety (we all do, from time to time- it’s just is part of life- deal w/ it…P.S.- fuck HANGxiety #iykyk) but I no longer make it WHO I am or let it stop me from who I am supposed to BECOME. 


And it is only once you OWN this- it is only once you REALIZE this and make an effort to consciously and actively and intentionally DECIDE to change this way of thinking, change the way you perceive yourself, and change the way you look at life as a WHOLE that you will stop *having anxiety* and start to live your motherfuckin DREAM life


It is only once you actually take a STAND against this demon inside of you (aka your anxiety) - that you will actually CONQUER it- but this is a CHOICE- this is a DECISION- and this moment to moment WORK


And this is not easy. Never said it was easy. Shit is actually extremely hard. But wtf is harder- your entire life being about your aNxIeTy- or handling that bih once and for all?? 


And you might think it’s impossible for you. You might not be ble to see the light right now. But I PROMISE you, this is within your reach. Use ME as evidence if you have to- until you can find the hope within yourself to see that it as possible for YOU


Because once you STOP identifying with this BS of *I’m not good enough* and *it never works out for me* and *what if THIS goes wrong* you start to open the pathway and the doorway to thoughts like- “well, what DO I want my life to look like?” “If I no longer felt debilitated by this, what WOULD I do with my life?- How WOULD I spend my time” and when you start asking THESE types of questions- you’re on the right fucking track- when you’re engaging with THESE types of internal conversations- you’re answering the call from SOUL, to step into your true purpose and do what you came here to do. 

You’re on the path of healing.

You're on the path to ACTUALLY build the empire.


Because I promise – no matter how many likes you get on your insta, no matter how LAVISH your wedding is, no matter how big of a ROCK is on your finger, no matter how many BABIES you pop out, no matter how big of a RAISE you get or PROMOTION you receive- there will ALWAYS be a void within you that you will fill with “anxiety,” until you finally claim your highest purpose.


Your PURPOSE is the answer

Your PURPOSE is the medicine

Your PURPOSE IS your saving grace


You have GOT to heal these inner wounds that let the anxiety run the show- and decide to figure out what REALLY matters to you- WHY it matters to you- and show up for your life from THAT place- THAT’s the healing. THAT’s the joy. THAT’s the massive wealth. THAT’s the fulfillment. THAT’s fuck yeah energy. Everything good worth experiencing or having, comes from THAT deep soul knowing. Comes from THAT level of clarity and certainty. And THAT is what will give you the life you dream of deep, deeeeep down- and low key KNOW is your destiny- even though your *anxiety* is talking smack in your ear all day.


So you’ve gotta make THAT inner knowing- THAT inner nudge that you KNOW you’re meant for MORE- be the dominant voice within your system- and NOT the anxiety


You are NOT your anxiety.

You ARE your dreams.


Let that sink in. 

So it is your JOB- it is your DUTY- it is your BIGGEST possible RESPONSIBILITY to CLAIM this. To take OWNERSHIP of where the fake you (the anxiety) is running the show. And to decide to let the BADASS run the show instead. 


The BADASS takes ownership.

The BADASS wrangles these demons.

The BADASS builds the empire.

The BADASS makes it happen.


And the BADASS dwells within YOU- and is waiting for you to IGNITE it so you can create your DREAMS already!


 A 6 week Course Specifically Designed to Overcome Inadequacy And Ignite Your Confidence To Build The Empire 


Walk Away With:


Relentless Self Trust


Overwhelming Confidence


No more imposter syndrome


What it takes to make your dreams come true




Tools to Build The Actual Empire


Identity Shift of Someone Who IS Running An Empire


Knowing EXACTLY what is getting in your way and keeping you from reaching your next level, and a game plan of how to ACTUALLY leave a legacy and become a leader in your industry


Clarity on the REAL thing you came to this planet to do. Name your legacy with conviction

Do you feel it?

 That bubbling sensation that lives inside you. The one sloshing around your insides, aching to get out. A force that is percolating at the surface of your being. 

The gasoline of potential inside you, begging for you to light the match. 


This is how I felt for years. In school, at work, in solitude. An inner kindling that felt trapped. A deep knowingness of my own, dormant, "X factor", longing to be unleashed. I spent years of trial and error deciphering how to channel this energy that lived inside me. I felt discouraged, disoriented and heartbroken after failed attempts of channeling my energy into different career paths and relationships. 

I thought, “maybe I am too much of a dreamer." “Maybe I'm TOO much.” “Maybe if I just fixed this one thing about me everything else would fall into place”.

 But no. 


This pulsation within me was information towards my destiny. Towards my highest calling. 

It was the inner badass motherfucker trying to speak, as I was holding a muzzle on her.


It was part of my SOUL that I was not acknowledging. Because I simply didn't know how. I didn't know how to navigate my inner voice with my outer actions in such a way that I got the results I desired.


But there was a persistent message that kept rearing its head, no matter how hard I tried to push it down. It was the KNOWINGNESS that we all have the ability to live a juicy, potent life. One that satisfies us to our core. 

A life that feels like “FUCKYESSSS!”


And it took me going deep within to unleash this. I faced the deepest, darkest parts of myself, to come out on the other side as someone who KNOWS without a DOUBT what I am here to do. I came out as someone with RELENTLESS resilience, and with a profound knowing of whose lives I am here to change. I no longer wallow in the fear that my life is a tragedy, because I no longer function as the person who doesn't know what to do with this creative life force within. I used to feel like a waste of potential. Now I push myself to new limits every day. I used to have a timidness about my energy despite knowing I was meant for greatness. Now I show up in the boldness of who I am (in real life AND online). And I get compensated for this: with soul mate relationships and with actual cash. But more than this, I get compensated with the feeling that I KNOW I am living my deepest truth.I KNOW I am on my highest path. I know I am using every single inch of my being towards my purpose. There is a sweet and deep satisfaction of knowing I wake up every day and TRULY give it my all. I know I am in my zone of genius and no one can take that away from me.


And if you focus, and get very still. You can feel it too. Deep within yourself- you know this is what you were made for. To be the person who has it all because you gave it your all.


Doesn't it feel like home? To remember how good it gets to be? To remember that life is meant for LIVING and that we have the ability to grab it by the horns?


Like a big exhale.

That now life gets to really begin.

Because you've decided.

You've DECIDED to believe in the incessant voice in your head that whispers you were meant for a big and bold life.


And I know that its f*cking scary. And that you have scars and bruises from before. And that you don't want to get hurt again. But all that is over with. Its now. The time is now. And we have a choice in what we do with this present moment.


We all have fear and hurt. We all are scared AF. That it won't work. That we're not good enough. That we don't know what we're doing. But guess what? Our life changes when we decide to muster up the bravery to be scared sh*tless and show up for our life anyway.


When we show up for the life that we KNOW we deserve- not the one we've settled for. Not the one we accepted when we downplayed our true desires- not the one that we stumbled upon by happenstance...


When we show up for life ON PURPOSE- we start to live a life that actually sits right in our soul. We live the life we were always meant to live. When we starting giving a f*ck about how we spend our time, our energy, and our focus- we start to see our world change. 


We cultivate better relationships.

We feel fulfilled by the work we do.

We make money in ways that are in integrity with our soul.

We feel confident in our choices.

We develop profound self trust.

We feel the limitless power WITHIN.

And we ACTUALLY become someone who is capable of building an empire. And then we build it.


ALL of this comes when we unlock the badass within. And it's time for you to finally give your inner badass the microphone.


What have you been waiting for anyway?


It's time to step into your legacy, build your empire and unleash the badass within!

What to Expect?

Take Charge Of Your Life And Reclaim Your Inner Power


6 Week Journey Into Your Inner Badass


Guided Meditations to Realign Your Energy, Mindset & Identity 


Elite Private Group Access


Workbooks and Journal Prompts to Unlock The Inner Badass


Access to Somatic Techniques to Calm Your Nervous System


Unlock Your Inner Genius And Unique Wisdom


Practical Action Steps To Align with Your Power & Leave A Legacy  

Trust me,

I get it

I know what it feels like to feel like you're not living the life you know you are meant for. I know what it feels like to KNOW you're meant for more- but have NO idea how to actually make it happen. I know what it feels like to know you are destined for GREATNESS, but still feel inadequate, insecure, and uncertain. BUT-I learned how to tap into my inner BADASS- build confidence and self trust from deep within, and build the damn empire. And I KNOW you can too! I just know it.

Become The Badass: Overcome Inadequacy, Stand in Your Confidence & Build The Empire You Dream Of



"Alexandra helped carve out the dream, the vision and helped to realize it was even possible again! 

This was huge and working with Alexandra was the best investment of my life to get back what other coaches had instilled in me that was crippling me because I had lost who I was and who I am inside and tried to be someone I was not! Thank you Alex for helping me professionally but also so much so personally too, my home, my connections with spouse and others, you just never realize the impact one can make on your life until you reflect on it!  Thank you!"


 -Tia, M.


"More than anything, I came away with self-assurance. I came away understanding that self-doubt is okay, normal, and even healthy -- but it's just self-created. The container allowed me to identify all the ways my own self-limiting beliefs were truly the only thing standing in my way of my aspirations and goals. I also came away feeling seen, and feeling in a sense of community in that the container allowed me to become aware that I'm not alone in the way I see the human experience and the world. I never felt belittled, and I never felt like I was given some uniform "structure" or regurgitated, inauthentic instruction or guidance. Instead, I was provided with a healthy balance of actionable steps and organic, free-flowing discussion and engagement that catered to me as an individual. 


I feel validated in my convictions. I feel confident in my gifts and in my ability and need to share my gifts with others and the world. I feel understood. I feel empowered to live as my most authentic self, and in my ability to serve and inspire others by doing so. I feel better equipped to endure and appreciate the journey to wholeness and authenticity in its entirety, including the challenges, disappointments, thrills, and victories. I feel better connected to the human experience, at large, and to myself."


-Nick, G.





3 1:1 Sessions with me (30 minutes each) - Value $800


Access To “Unleash Your Inner Genius” Course- Value- $397


Access To “Rock Solid Energy” Course- Value $222


Access To “Find Your Flow” - Value $125

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Become The Badass: Overcome Inadequacy, Stand in Your Confidence, & Build The Empire You Dream Of